electron dash docset

A repository to generate Dash docsets for the electron documentation

What is electron dash docset?

Electron Dash Docset is a tool to generate an offline package of the electron documentation for Dash, a great app by Kapeli.

How it works?

It downloads the entire documentation from the electron website, create an index of it, put the index in a SQLite database and pack everything respecting the Kapeli guidelines.

To import the .tgz package in Dash:

  1. Unzip it

  2. Go to Dash > Preferences > Docsets and press the + button in the bottom left corner

  3. Select the .docset file.

The Auto Mode

As the maintainer of the user-contributed Electron Dash docset running the tool manually was time consuming. That’s why I’ve created Auto Mode.

Auto Mode it’s designed to be run by cron on a server (say a small VPS or even your Raspberry Pi with a public IP). In Auto Mode the script will check for a new version of the electron documentation (thanks to cron). If a new version is found, it will:

  1. Notify you via Pushbullet

  2. Run all the scripts and create an updated version of the docset

  3. Let you know via Pushbullet when it’s done.


To know about requirements, installation and more, please read the readme on GitHub.


Electron Dash Docset is released under the GNU GPLv3.


How can I access the already packed docsets?

  1. Download Dash

  2. Go to Preferences > Downloads > User Contributed and search for electron

  3. Download your version of choice

I have a compatible app. Is there any mirror of the packed docsets?

Sure. You can access all the packed versions from here.