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The best way is by sending an email to me@thisdomain.

I am also available to chat via:

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I publish most content and status updates on:

If you prefer less frequent updates, you can just tune to blog updates on:

On the world wild web I’m usually pirafrank. Here’s a full list of my social profiles.


For a secure communication, please send me an email to the above address using PGP.
You can retrieve the public key from:

The fingerprint is 00F1 7C2C 8570 B082 2DF0 2CC6 DC80 5C4B D79E C530.
This key superseded my old one.

Please notify me ahead via any of the channels above if you want to go with PGP.

Verify my identity

You can do it on Keybase.

This website, my GitHub and twitter are among the declared proofs.
For further verification, I keep profile pictures on those websites and on Gravatar in sync.

Thank you for reaching this page. I look forward to hearing from you!