Here are my spare time projects and more I code to face challenges I come across daily.
They are open-source, so feel free to fork me on Github.

Table of Contents



A repository to generate a Dash docset for the electron documentation. Now with automatic check for new releases.



A simple way to backup user configuration files, status and more info in a git repository.


Deploy on your server any branch of your Jekyll website in a tap. Great if you want to publish posts on-the-go.

rebrandly cli

An unofficial command line client to shorten URL using

Google Photos EXIF fixer

Script to fix pictures EXIF metadata before upload them to Google Photos.


Alfred Workflows

Useful Alfred workflows to enhance your productivity on Mac. Great for developers and power-users.

Battery Life Extender

The niblest solution of a battery life extender for OS X. Take care of your MacBook.

OS X utils

Collection of OS X utilities to speed up your productivity and take care of your OS X environment.

Eye Relief

A simple script trigged every 20 minutes reminds you to take a break. For OS X 10.8 and above.


Workflow for iOS recipes

Recipes for the popular iOS app Workflow.

iA Writer templates

Self-made templates for the awesome iA Writer. You can use them on both mobile and desktop version of the app.


Jekyll Blue

All-in-one easy Jekyll solution. Create your static website with blog in a quick and stylish way and deploy it on Github Pages.

This website

Based on Jekyll Blue, an heavily modified Jekyll Now fork with additional features and a custom SCSS framework coded from scratch. Most of the things I try here are usually backported to Jekyll Blue.


Raspberrypi web panel

A simple web panel to control your Raspberry Pi on a local network.

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