Hi, I'm
Francesco Pira

Software craftsman, driven by curiosity. Interested in tech and business.

Currently Senior Software Engineer and DevSecOps fellow at Leonardo, Cyber & Security division, Hybrid Cloud Applications dept.

I like to design and implement back-end business logic. CLI addicted, I spend days (and nights) in a tmux-ed zsh session. Know more about me.

Opinions are mine, here and on social networks I post on.

I stand against inequality and racism. I can't be silent. Please read this.
Supporting Ukraine. Donate and act.

Thanks for being here, have a good read.

Latest blog posts
No need to reboot to fix 'Docker Desktop has failed to start' error
October 4, 2023
If you cannot restart your computer, you still have a way out. Tested on Windows 10.
How to fix the 'Needed for This Installer is Missing' during Oracle JDeveloper installation
October 2, 2023
Troubleshooting the installer error while installing Studio Edition
Firefox Containers: How to reorder them
September 29, 2023
A temporary workaround to rearrange Firefox Containers
A Tiny Try-Catch Equivalent in Bash
September 27, 2023
You can pretty much have it in Bash, too.
Fixing rvm not fetching newer Ruby versions
January 5, 2023
'rvm list known' may not known about latest Ruby versions. Here's how to fix.

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Recently I've also put up a Telegram channel for Apple Developer releases, which are published as soon as they're out. And a Notion page about Apple Silicon tips and tricks.