Hi, I'm
Francesco Pira
Curious mind and developer. Interested in infosec and business.
Currently typing Java, JavaScript, shell scripts and Dockerfiles at Leonardo.

I actually live in a moshed *NIX shell. Know more about me.
Opinions are mine, here and on twitter.

I stand against inequality and racism. I can't be silent. Please read this.

Thanks for being here, have a good read.
Latest blog posts
The case for Apple Watch sick days
June 15, 2020
My main feature request one week ahead watchOS 7 announcement
Switching to Notion
June 10, 2020
First impressions and tips on using Notion as my only productivity tool
Productivity and your brain
June 8, 2020
The pandemic has forced us to stay home. What I've learned so far to stay productive.
Python http.server for a CORS world
May 24, 2020
Making the static HTTP server embedded in Python CORS-compatible

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Recently I've also put up a Telegram channel for Apple Developer releases, which are published as soon as they're out.