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iCloud Photo Library under the hood
January 31, 2017
Category: Articles  —  Tags: macOS, cloud, iOS
macOS security list
November 27, 2016
Category: Guides  —  Tags: security, macOS, best practices
Thoughts on the new MacBook Pro and Apple mobile computing (Updated)
October 28, 2016
Category: Articles  —  Tags: Apple, Review
Installing git from source on Debian and CentOS
October 6, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Debian, CentOS, Git
My Jekyll workflow: Part 3
September 29, 2016
Category: Tutorials  —  Tags: Jekyll, Blogging, Pythonista, AWS
Migrate a repository from bazaar to git
September 23, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Git
My Jekyll workflow: Part 2
September 20, 2016
Category: Tutorials  —  Tags: Jekyll, Pythonista, Blogging
Generate your index and keep directory listing off
September 16, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: nginx, Apache, Security
A review of iOS 10
September 14, 2016
Category: Reviews  —  Tags: Apple, iOS
My Jekyll workflow: Part 1
September 13, 2016
Category: Tutorials  —  Tags: Jekyll, Blogging
This is how Windows 10 messed up GRUB
September 11, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: GRUB, Windows, Windows 10
Hands on: The sexy side of JavaScript (feat. node.js)
May 19, 2016
Category: Articles  —  Tags: node.js, JavaScript, ES2015
How to install PHP 5.6 or newer on Raspbian
April 18, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Raspberry Pi, PHP, Debian
The Apple vs. FBI case: A collection of the best articles
February 25, 2016
Category: Articles  —  Tags: Privacy, Apple
Sparkle vulnerability and list of safe apps (Updated!)
February 15, 2016
Category: Articles  —  Tags: Security, macOS
How to issue or renew an SSL certificate at StartSSL
February 10, 2016
Category: Tutorials  —  Tags: nginx, SSL, Sys Admin
Restore disappeared tray battery icon in Elementary OS
February 7, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Linux, elementaryOS
Disable per-session history file in OS X El Capitan
February 5, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: macOS, Bash
Compile and install git-crypt on OS X
January 29, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Git, macOS
Installing git from source on Debian and CentOS
January 27, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Git, Debian, CentOS, Linux
Is GMail approaching to the end?
January 19, 2016
Category: Articles  —  Tags: Google
Veertu, the OS X hypervisor available from Mac App Store (Updated)
January 14, 2016
Category: Articles  —  Tags: Virtualisation, macOS, Apple
Solve gollum installation errors on OS X
January 10, 2016
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: GitLab, macOS
Setup HTTPS on Github Pages with a custom domain
January 9, 2016
Category: Tutorials  —  Tags: GitHub, Jekyll
Azure, add a new drive to a Linux VM
January 8, 2016
Category: Tutorials  —  Tags: Sys Admin, Cloud, Microsoft Azure
Getting bash completion on OS X and Linux
October 11, 2015
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Bash, macOS, Linux
Restore the previous Apache configuration after upgrading to El Capitan
October 10, 2015
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: macOS, Apache
My 2-cents Guide For A Safe Upgrade To El Capitan
October 10, 2015
Category: Tutorials  —  Tags: macOS
Get Git completion to work on Linux and OS X
August 7, 2015
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: Git, macOS, Linux
Node installation best practices
August 6, 2015
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: best practices, node.js
Fix 'locking EACCES' error in npm on OS X
August 5, 2015
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: node.js, macOS
Fix electron-prebuilt install.js script error when installing as superuser
August 4, 2015
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: electron, node.js
Fix "unknown option '-q'" nvm install error
July 30, 2015
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: node.js