rebrandly cli

An unofficial command line client for

What is rebrandly cli?

Rebrandly_cli is an unofficial command line client for Rebrandly.

You can use it to shorten your URLs with ease, without leaving the terminal. Look at the example below to have an idea.

Why Rebrandly?

Simply put, they offer unlimited short links for free, even using custom domains. That’s a ton more compared to which offers just 500 short links/month.

Awesome! Requirements?

Python 2.7 is all you need. I designed rebrandly_cli to work with what you already have installed on your Mac or Linux. It should work also on Windows if you install Python.

How to use it?

Please read the readme file for full and updated information.


Can I join you in this?

Sure. The whole code is released under the GNU GPLv3 terms and published on GitHub. Send me a PR if you add some cool features or improve the repo!