Hello, my name is Francesco (Frank) Pira, I’m 24yo and live in Catania, Italy, where I study Computer Engineering and work as developer. I often describe myself as a curious mind striving for more.

My interests are programming (especially web development), technology, big data, business and start-ups. I like working in team on projects that challenge me and I’m fascinated by finding the best practice in doing something. I also like advising and motivating on topics I’m skilled. Recently I’ve found out writing is one of my growing passions.

I’ve studied Mathematics and Physics in High School, taught myself English and how to code. I’ve also worked as a self-employed computer technician and in a small team I founded as web developer.

In 2013 I joined EESTEC, a European network of engineering students where members can improve technical and soft skills. The next year I became president of the local committee and coordinator of the International IT team. In 2015, with a colleague at university, I started a company, Fileshute.

I have been involved in the local startup scene as start-upper and as VP of Youth Hub Catania, a no-profit association focused on enabling and supporting young entrepreneurship, matching people’s skills and organising startup related events (like #AppIdee and Startup Weekends).

I am currenty working as Oracle Enterprise Application Development Consultant and Java Developer at Leonardo S.p.A.


  • Front-end dev: HTML, CSS, Sass/SCSS, JavaScript, AngularJS 1.x
  • Back-end dev: node.js, Express, Electron, Ruby on Rails, Flask
  • Web servers: nginx, Puma, Apache
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite, CouchDB, MySQL / MariaDB
  • System Administration: Server deployment, configuration and hardening (SSH, OpenVPN, etc.)
  • Programming languages: Python, JavaScript (+ES2015), bash, C, Java, Ruby (beginner).
  • Version Control Git, SVN
  • Other tools: XSLT, XQuery, Gulp, Bower, Let’s Encrypt, GrSecurity
  • Platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c (including JDeveloper), Oracle Service Bus 12c, Debian Linux, CentOS, OS X
  • CMS and static generators: Prestashop, Wordpress, Jekyll
  • Other technical skills: Computer security, knowledge in encryption and server hardware
  • Graphical tools: Photoshop (mostly for front-end assets), Sketch by Bohemian Coding
  • Soft Skills: Project Management and Tracking, Team Leadership, Team Working, Social Networking, Event Organisation

What’s next?

  • Golang, Swift and Xamarin (aiming mostly at cross-platform mobile app development with shared libraries)
  • Machine learning in Python
  • Advance my network security skills


During my day I write little pieces of code to speed up my work and when in my spare time I dedicate myself to some projects.

Curious about tools and utilities I use? Check my toolbelt.

Talks and Events

Honors and Certificates

Other things I like

Meeting people A good chat is a good moment and with people I haven’t met it’s even better. Valuable things happen when people share their experiences and thoughts.

Reading This is a pleasure I don’t want to miss. I read about programming, best practice, new technologies, startup stories and anything that can improve myself. Sometimes I find myself reading thrillers.

Jiu jitsu and running I have to admit, I’ve fallen in love with jiu jitsu and the Japanese culture. There’s so much to learn from them! Days I don’t have gym lessons, I go running at sunset. It’s my reset button.

DIY Something my father taught me. It’s fun to tinker away from keyboard, too.

Traveling Visiting new places and discovering new cultures widens your mind and challenges you. When I have the chance to leave, I always do.



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