Black lives matter

I can’t be silent.

I am a guy working in the IT and I feel priviledged for being male, for being white. Something’s gone wrong and we have to fix. These privileges shouldn’t have existed in first place.

I stand against inequality and racism and I will do whatever I can to make the difference, from adding these few lines on my website, to spreading the word online and offline, to donations and direct support.

Big changes start from small actions.
If you believe in true freedom and equality, please join me.



Get started, stay informed.

Check also,


Support in the tech space

Many tech communities are showing support to the #BLM cause. I think it’s right to list them here.

Last but not least, a video by a famous youtuber it is worth listening to.

This is not a one-off. Change requires effort and dedication, it will take time, but we have to start, together, now.

I will update this page as needed.

Thank you for reading this.