Free (for real) the ugly ‘Other’ space on your iPhone/iPad

How to delete the nagging 'Other' used space on iOS devices
Published on March 29, 2017 in How-tos
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On macOS when (and only when) Time Machine is turned on in System Preferences, even if your external target backup disk is not attached, your Mac keeps backing up to a temporary folder until the disk is reattached. This lets stuff like previous version work when you’re far off that external HDD.

iOS, since it’s based on macOS (or OS X at that time) embeds a similar software feature which powers its backup system. The only difference is that it cannot be turned off. The temporary data is then achieved locally waiting to be copied during the next backup to the cloud or to iTunes and since it’s no part of Documents, Photos, etc. it is showed as Other.

So, how to free that Other space?

Just backup your iOS device to iCloud or iTunes. That’s it.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for reading.


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