JDeveloper and forgotten Integrated WebLogic credentials

Short guide on how to regain access to your Integrated WebLogic server
Published on April 7, 2017 in How-tos
Read time: 1 min

Credentials of the Integrated WebLogic instance in JDeveloper are set during first config. If you have a dev server where you deploy your configurations, you may not to use the integrated server for a long time and forget its credentials.

How to regain access if your forgot them?

Resetting the IntegratedWebLogic server

  1. Stop the Integrated WebLogic server and close JDeveloper
  2. Delete/rename the DefaultDomain instance in userdata. DO NOT delete the whole JDeveloper dir, just the subdir of the integrated server.

E.g. Go to %APPDATA% > JDeveloper and delete/rename just systemYOURVERSION.

The above applies to Windows since my work environments requires it, but the approach is similar on *nix machines.

  1. Open JDeveloper. Your integrated webserver instance will be recreated from scratch at next run. Beware it will take a longer time than your previous launches.

I hope it helped.

Thanks for reading.


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