Install XML validation tools in Sublime Text 3 on Windows

A short and quick guide to install Exalt package and companion XML tools on Windows
Published on April 20, 2017 in How-tos
Read time: 1 min

In many ways a developer comes across XML files, especially when dealing with SOAP services.

Exalt is an awesome package for Sublime Text 3, my text editor of choice. It offers validation of XSLT files, of XML against an XML Schema (XSD) and more useful features. It can even cache W3C specification documents to speed up validation processes.

Last week I had to figure it how to install it on Windows. It is not an intuitive task to perform compared to the *nix world. So here it is a short guide that may help you.


  1. Download libxslt, iconv and libxml2 from here
  2. Extract the files and put the content of \bin folder in each zip into C:\xmltools
  3. Add C:\xmltools to PATH environment variable for your user (instead of system, safer)
  4. Install Exalt from Package Control on Sublime Text.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.


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