October 2018

How to disable duplicated sent emails in Zoho
October 30, 2018
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: email
Save Instagram pictures to Photos on iOS
October 27, 2018
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: iOS, Pythonista, Python
Apple Watch has reached stable
October 23, 2018
Category: Posts  —  Tags: Apple
Add Azure DevOps as a hosting provider in Working Copy [updated]
October 21, 2018
Category: How-tos  —  Tags: iOS, Git
New ways to bank: N26 vs Revolut comparison
October 18, 2018
Category: Reviews  —  Tags: Money, Blockchain, Events
A quick review of Delta Summit
October 10, 2018
Category: Posts  —  Tags: Events, Blockchain