A quick review of Delta Summit

Notes and thoughts about the blockchain summit held in Malta
Published on October 10, 2018 in Posts
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A few days have passed since Delta Summit, held in Malta a few days ago, on 3-5 October. It was the first edition of an event promoted by Malta government and focused on blockchain. Many startup and some big companies joined the event, like Huawei, Microsoft Malta, Vodafone Malta, Revolut and Wyzer just to name a few. Almost all of them were showing off blockchain-based products and services, some of them were related to the financial world, while others were not. The cryptocurrency world was represented by exchanges Binance and Changelly. Bloomberg was there, too. The Delta Summit also incorporated the ZEST conference, where in my opinion the best talks were held.

Delta Summit stage

I’ve also had the chance to join the MITA (Malta Innovation Technology Agency) contest for startups using or building blockchain products. The experience there has been very positive and pleasant, thanks to the support mentors and advisors gave to the teams. On 1-2 November there’ll be yet another conference, the Malta Blockchain Summit. Malta is investing a lot on this technology trend and it is the first country to already offer a law regulation on the matter. They want to be what they call the blockchain island, in the hope to become the center of innovation in the Mediterranean Area for the years to come. Many companies working in or with the blockchain are moving their head offices to Malta and many more (I think) are planning to do so.

All in all, this has been a really nice occasion to give a look at what they are doing and how fast they are shifting to the technology business. Blockchain is the train Malta is trying to catch and its opportunity to redeem itself and grow fast in a field different from gambling and tourism. It is also one of the most interesting experiments from a social and entrepreneural point of view and we’ll see if it works in the next couple of years. For anyone wanting to join (or bet), better you book your flight.

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