Fixing rvm not fetching newer Ruby versions

'rvm list known' may not known about latest Ruby versions. Here's how to fix.
Published on January 5, 2023 in How-tos
Read time: 1 min

Being back at Ruby after a while, I have found rvm lists of known Ruby versions to be stuck in the past. Running rvm list known the latest known versions were still 2.7.2 and 3.0.0. But those were time ago.

To fetch versions from the stable branch I have always run:

rvm get stable

But as of today, it looks like that branch is not actively updated anymore. Last commit is January 2021, marking for almost a two year hiatus. So I moved to the master branch.

rvm get master

Then running rvm list known again showed a refreshed list of Ruby versions, as you can see in the picture below.

List of Ruby versions

Hope it helps, thanks for reading.


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