Offers and promos convenient for you or the both of us. Showed in A-Z order.

  • AirBnB, when you travel on AirBnB, we both get €30 in travel credit
  • Airtable, a cool new way to handle databases
  • Elevate, awesome brain training app that boosts your memory, writing, reading, speaking and math skills. Register with via this link and we both get a free week of premium.
  • Evernote, one of the best notes taking and archiving services. Register and we both get Premium plan.
  • Hotjar - Early access to Free and Unlimited, the incoming feedback tool by Hotjar labs. Using the link, we jump ahead in the waiting queue.
  • Linode - One of the best in class in providing high performance SSD VPS
  •, a VPN service by OpenVPN labs. Signing up via this you get 2GB of traffic for free.
  • Trello - Sign up and make your kanban :)
  • Uber - €10 coupon!