🇺🇦 Supporting the Ukrainian people

Since Russian troupes invaded Ukraine war broke out.

In such a delicate and complicated situation, my prayers and thoughts go to the Ukrainian people who are the most suffering because of that, and to Russian people who risk their life protesting against a war they did not ask. I sincerely hope diplomacy will ultimately win over bombs and missiles.

Every bit of help can be precious: from writing to your representatives, to organizing and peacefully protesting, to donating money. If you feel so, I put a few links down below to donate to trustworthy organizations trying to defend and take care of the Ukrainian people.

International Committee of Red Cross

Red Cross Ukraine

UNICEF Ukraine


Doctors Without Borders

Save the Children

The Come Back Alive Fund

Ukraine Armed Forces

Nova Ukraine

Please also read and share the statements by Softorino and Readdle, two awesome Ukrainian software companies.

Thank you.