A collection of tools, notes, links and more I hope you’ll find useful.

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  • Brute-force calculator online (*) - Dummy-proof utility to calculate how long it takes to brute-force crack your password.
  • Copy URL Bookmarklet - in Safari on Mac, copying the URL from the address bar can be tricky. This lets you quickly copy it with just 1 click and a CMD+C. It should work in other browsers, too.
  • IT calendar (*) - A calendar for IT people

Command line tools

  • gen_index.py (*) - Generate an index.html page with links to files in the same folder. Use case: access files in a folder (e.g. dir with PDFs files) from browser and avoid turning directory listing on in your webserver. Python 2.7.x required.
  • Download an entire website (*) - Short bash script. It uses wget.
  • YouTube uploader CLI (*) - Quick script to automate video upload from CLI to YouTube. Based on youtube-upload.

Third-party CLI tools I recommend

  • PathPicker - Facebook PathPicker is a simple command line tool that solves the perpetual problem of selecting files out of bash output.
  • asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions. Supports copy/paste from the video.


Check also

(*) Mantained by me. Please, tell me about your suggestions or any bug you spot.